Erin's Birthday Celebration

After meeting up for a couple playdates with the kiddos, my friend Erin & I decided we needed a girl's night out, and what better reason than Erin's birthday?! We celebrated the night before Thanksgiving, which also happens to be one of the biggest night's to head out during the year. (no worries...Ella was safely with her Dad visiting relatives in Chicago!) We (Erin, Katie, Jessica, & I) first headed to Poppycock's for dinner where we were treated to yummy martinis called Grape Crush's which coincidentally (and quite dangerously) tasted just like the real thing. We had a blast toasting and telling stories and referring to ourselves hysterically as "Woo Girls"...wooing at every opportunity we got! (Woo Girls are in reference to one of my favorite tv shows, How I Met Your Mother...go ahead, figure it out!) After dinner, we headed to Union Street where our favorite local musician, Mike Moran, was playing. We danced 'til our hearts were content & I even granted Erin's b-day wish of getting a picture with Mike, who we think might just be famous one day. Woo!!! :)


Ella has been over to my friend Katie's house before & met Katie's cats, Puff & Elfie as well as her rabbit, Thumper. Ella is particularly fond of the kitty's, always asking if we can go to "Ki-Ki's house" to play with the "meow's". So, Katie so graciously invited Ella & I over for a sleepover one night & we just couldn't resist. So, we packed up & headed over. Ella was easily entertained by the kitty's & we even watched a little Tom & Jerry...which we think the cats seemed to enjoy just as much as Ella. After staying up until the wee hour of 9:30, Ella was so exhausted she practically put herself to bed. It was a fun sleepover & hope to have many more to come! :)