Preschool Update

It's been a pretty busy month which is why I haven't written much. Plus, I always like to include pics with my posts, but I don't really have any new ones right now. So, I'll just give an update on our "Back To School" month thus far.
As you know, preschool started just over 2 weeks ago, and it sure has been a major struggle. The poor thing would become hysterical at the mere thought of preschool...not to mention the cling-to-my-leg-for-dear-life ordeals once we actually got in the preschool room. There was even one morning when I had just gotten settled in at work, after one of those heart-wrenching, drop-off moments when suddenly I hear a voice that sounded vaguely familiar yelling "Ma MAAAAA...." coming from outside (I work 2 blocks from her school & the store door was open). By the time I get outside, I see Ella's class taking a walk downtown & there was Ella running to me with tears just pooring down her face. It took an excruciatingly long 5 minutes before her teacher was able to pry her off of me, and off they went with my uncontrollable child.
Well, after all that & then some, I am happy to report, that this morning when we got to school, she sat down with her friends, started coloring, & actually waved goodbye to me as I left. NOT ONE TEAR!!! I even saw her class walking downtown again (on the opposite side of the street from the store), and she pointed this way, but again, no tears. I was thrilled & so happy that Ella will not be permanently traumatized by her first school experience. I kid. :)


Famous Namey's

I officially have the coolest friends. Sallie, Tom, & Kate Namey are going to be television stars! Premiering on the DIY network in their very own show, called "Bonus Room Breakout" (definitely not their first choice for titles, but apparently they have no choice in the matter), the Namey family will be showcasing their Bonus Room makeover for all the world to see. Saturday, September 20 starting at 1:00 the show airs as a marathon, all day, with 5 episodes following them on their journey to transforming their not-so-livable-basement into a beautiful guest suite masterpiece. I've personally seen the "before" and it was pretty scary...and now, after seeing the "after" photos, Ella & I can't wait to go visit our friends in Knoxville & stay in their famous guest quarters. We are so proud of you guys & can't wait to see you in action! :)


Aunt Nat comes to town

My good friend Natalie braved the 5 1/2 hour drive from Chicago over Labor Day weekend (after some highly unnecessary car trouble) to come see the Neumann clan. It also happened to be my dad's birthday. So, we decided to take Nat down the Platte River, along with the other 938 people vacationing this weekend in Northern Michigan. It actually went pretty smoothly, considering it was a first-time adventure for Ella. ~Note: Giant minnows nibbling on your toes are not Ella's idea of a good time~ We soaked up the sun while switching from canoe to kayak to tube...an 85 degree day floating down the river is the best kind of day. We all headed to North Peak for dinner & music on the patio before the ladies headed out for a night on the town....taking full advantage of living within walking distance to town! Thanks for coming Nat & next time bring Tay! :)