Pyramid Point

I've posted quite a few times about the Sleeping Bear Dunes that are about a half hour from Traverse City, and here's another one. I had heard of Pyramid Point for years, and it used to be a popular spot to go to back when I was in high school. But, while I've been to the dunes numerous times, I have never actually been to this particular site. So it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I threw Ella and Rusty in the car and we drove out there. The hike to the point is about 1/4 mile, which Ella walked all by herself. This was a big step for her, so it was a proud moment. Once we got to the lookout, it was breathtaking. The beauty of the dunes never gets old to me, even if it is practically in my backyard. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Ella found a hairy caterpillar that we named Fred. He was the highlight of her trip.

At one point, Rusty climbed up two sturdy branches that jutted out in one spot overlooking a cliff on the dune, sat on it for a minute, and pondered. It prompted one of the best ideas (in my mind at least) that Rusty has ever had..."This would be a great spot for a hammock." The very next day, I believe, Rusty was a proud owner of a double hammock. "Hammocking" has now become a staple in our every day vocabulary. We've even convinced Ella. I believe the exact words that came out of her mouth when she got in the hammock for the first time were, "Rusty, I love this hammock. It's awesome." Hahahahahaha :-) Stay tuned for hammock posts...

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Dude, no picture of even a mention of the snake.......... C'mon.